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The First Vocational Technical School of Shenzhen was founded in September, 1983. It’s a public vocational school directly under the Shenzhen Education Bureau. The school adheres the working spirit of being brave to lead and creating the future. It keeps exploring the developing road of secondary vocational education. It takes the courage to be the leading runner in secondary vocational education in Shenzhen and aims to have long and full development in various undertakings. The school atmosphere is united and disciplined. It has a strict and careful teaching atmosphere and good study atmosphere. It has been given the honor titles which are “National Key Vocational School” and “National Secondary Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School” by the education department. For many years, the students get excellent results in the Higher Vocational School entrance exam. The over-line rate is above 95 percent.


School Equipment
The school has first-class equipment, great teachers, majors of good quality and multiple development. At present the school contains two campuses which are the original campus and the Dapeng campus. The construction area is 80 thousand square meters large. There are 45 training rooms with the most advanced training equipment, including the first “cloud computing” training room for secondary vocational school in our country. The school has been equipped with grade gigabit campus network. And there are 37 external cooperation training bases.


The teaching faculty:
The school has brought in academic leaders, sent backbone teachers abroad for training and promoted the upgrading of education degree and skills. Such long-term mechanism has cultivated a large number of excellent teachers. Full-time teachers include 37 masters, 1 doctor and 61 secondary senior teachers.

Major Construction:
The school plans the profession layout scientifically with the prerequisite of social need. It tries to build a specialty structure which is coordinate with the district economic development. At present it has 14 majors including Business and Trade(International class), Animation Production, Computer Network, Accounting, Finance and Business English.

Cooperative Education: 
The school persists in high-end leading and connotation development. It forms a characteristic education mechanism of “education internationalization and education collectivization”. It has established cooperative education relationship with several colleges home and abroad like Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand. It has formed the Shenzhen No.1 Vocational Education Group with 27 well-known enterprises like Changcheng Technology, Kangjia Company and 6 vocational colleges as well as 8 Industry Association Academies.

The school persists in the educational philosophy “Motivate the positive energy in life, fulfill the lifelong happiness”. It makes effort to cultivate inter-disciplinary and creative graduates with high quality and great skills. For thirty years since its establishment, over 30000 excellent graduates have been cultivated.

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