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The coming of the Third Industrial Revolution is a chance as well as a challenge to vocational education. Adapting to the profound industrial revolution, choosing the educational direction and adjusting the educational strategies is a new project facing the vocational education. If our school wants to have advantage of developing in a new round of revolution, it must aim at the frontier of industrial development, fix position scientifically and make creation. Therefore, all the teachers and students need to work hard to start a new round of venture.

To start a career is hard, but it’s also a joyful process. Because keeping hard work is the meaning of life, and fulfilling a career is the pursuit of life. A working life is charming and a successful life is attractive. Creating a new era of school should become the common choice and pursuit for our members facing the future.

We can have future only if we have ideals. We must have ideals if we want to live with value. Ideal is a direction as well as a goal. Setting the direction, we will not lose our way, we will not hesitate in action, we will not go the wrong way. Setting the goal, our belief will not change, our position will not move, our failure will not beat us. Ideal is motivation as well as a sail. With motivation, our spirit will not get tired, our passion will not descend, our work will not stop. With a sail, our sailing direction will not lose control, our advancing will not be helpless, our bank will not be faraway. Thus we can move toward our set goal with firm and confidence, and create a bright future with bravery!

We can have height only if we have a high state. A man who lives with taste should have a high state. There are different states in one’s life. The height of state decides the height of life. State depends on one’s moral cultivation. A man with high morality is not affected by fame, not confused by interest, not troubled by trifle things. They get away from the secular, turn to the elegance, make great achievement, so they can reach the top of life. State depends on one’s knowledge and view. The further your mind goes, the further you goes. The broader your knowledge is, the broader you can explore. State depends on one’s life wisdom. A wiser is not confused by objects, not puzzled by slander, not trapped by danger. With high morality the taste is good, with high state the fame is fragrant. 

We can have status only if we have accomplishment. If we want to live meaningfully, we need to have accomplishment. We work so we have dignity, we create so we have value. Work is a person’s right, and is also one’s duty. Doing a job deserves doing it well. Making achievement in career should become a person’s pursuit in life. To do a job well, one must be enthusiastic in working and work hard. To start a career, one must stick to his major and study his profession. Getting without work, one will lose things after getting. Getting with low paying, things will disappear as time goes by. If you want to get respect from the society and appraisal from others, you must work with effort and make achievement.

Currently, our school is in the key developing opportunity period. Take seize of this developing opportunity, we can continue to take lead of Shenzhen vocational education. If we miss the key developing opportunity, we will fall behind and become the last. All the teachers and students should be self-disciplined and try to take lead. They should make effort to become people with accomplishment, people with a high state and people with ideal. They need to tightly link their personal ideals to the development career of school. Besides, they should base on their post, contribute to their professional development and try to become educational celebrity.

No development means falling behind, no taking lead means being caught up by others. Teachers and students, we have honored mission and difficult task. Time waits for no one. We should unite together, try our best and work hard to create a bright future for our school!

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